Power Quality Problems Within Your Own Facilities

Surprisingly, the majority of power problems originate not with the power company, but within your own facilities – generated by the very nature of computer-based electrical machinery, motors, and lighting systems.

  • Voltage sags, spikes, power interruptions, variable frequency drives, and switch-mode power
    supplies contribute to poor power quality.
  • Capacitive and inductive non-linear loads give rise to fast-acting, short-duration transient surges.
  • High-frequency noise causes voltage flicker, voltage notching, high crest factor, low power factor, high K factor, and high total harmonic distortion levels within your electrical systems.

Competitors offer many traditional methods to correct these problems. Unfortunately, these methods cannot address the real power quality issues of today. New Energy Technologies offers solutions that eliminate these problems.

Learn more about power quality challenges with technical whitepapers:*

Crest Factor, Power Factor, and Waveform Distortion [PDF]
System Grounding and Ground Loops [PDF]
Magnetic Dipoles, Hysteresis & Core Losses [PDF]

*Whitepapers courtesy of Environmental Potentials, equipment provider for New Energy Technologies.

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