Power Quality Depends on Quality Equipment

New Energy Technologies utilizes the latest technology equipment from Environmental Potentials (EP). Power quality equipment is available for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

EP power quality filters convert unusable, harmful energy within an electrical system to heat. By changing the state of the "bad" energy to heat, the energy is completely removed from the system, eliminating its continued circulation and potential damage.

Learn more about the complete EP product line or download individual product information sheets:

EP-2000 Field Protection [PDF]
EP-2200 Telephone [PDF]
EP-2225 DSL Protection [PDF]
EP-2250 Cable Protection [PDF]
EP-2275 Ethernet [PDF]
EP-2400 Power Supplies [PDF]
EP-2450 Home Theatre [PDF]
EP-2500 Switch Gear [PDF]
EP-2700 High Frequency Filter [PDF]
EP-2750/2775 Ground Filters [PDF]
EP-2900 Main Gate Protection [PDF]
Surge Suppression and High Frequency Noise Application Guide [PDF]

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