Bring Your Power Quality Up to the "Digital Age" Standard

You can count on our power quality solutions to deliver a purer 60-cycle sine wave to your equipment – the ideal for which it was designed. The days of tolerating random lockups of computer-related
equipment and premature failure of electronics are over.

The Cost of Poor Power Quality
You may not realize it, but poor quality power could be costing you money. Causing decreased
efficiency in transformers and motors, premature failure of electronic equipment, loss of production, and increased voltage drop, poor quality power wastes your valuable dollars.

Measurable Results
New Energy Technologies can fix your power quality problems, bringing you measureable physical
and fiscal benefits:

  • Greatly reduced electronic equipment failures
  • 200% to 300% longer ballast/lamp life
  • Cooler, more efficient motors
  • Decreased transformer core losses
  • Significantly reduced energy costs

Using state-of-the-art analysis and testing, New Energy Technologies identifies the problems and
creates solutions to eliminate your power quality problems.

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